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. The best linux laptops of 2021 look to offer you a great alternative to using a windows 10 or macos device. 80ghz processor (8th gen, upto 4.

Pinebook Pro Pine64
Pinebook Pro Pine64 from

Therefore, you can easily end up with something shiny that struggles to cope with linux. Jerry hildenbrand and andrew myrick. April 1, 2021 12:00 am 16 minutes read.

Best laptops for linux what is linux?

The 14″ pinebook pro linux laptop is a powerful 14.1 linux laptop that holds the record for one of the best linux laptops out there. This is mostly because of the nvidia graphics cards. How to choose the best linux laptop for you. When it comes to looking for an alternative laptop to windows or macos, then you're going to want one of the best linux laptops.