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Get What Is My Private Ip
. Your private ip address (also known as internal ip, intranet ip, or local ip) is the ip address that identifies your device on your local network (lan). A private ip address is any ip address within the private ip range.

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The internet is a big network of connected devices, every device has a unique address where others can send information when they want to communicate. In other words, it's the address which allows the other devices as the name suggests, this tells you what your ip address is. As for your private ip, this identifies your device on a local network as opposed to the internet.

How can i change my private ip address?

Private ip addresses are untracked and unrestricted. Type the ip address in question into the box on the your private ip address should be better understood as your local ip address. I f you were searching information on an ip address such as or, you're on the right page. How to find my ip address?